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Dennis - Founder

I have had an interest in ghost and the paranormal from the time I was in High school. I watched a lot of tv shows about it over the years and want to see if there was something to the stories. I approach it from a skeptical point of view. When I go on an investigation I try to find rational explanations before I classify it as being paranormal

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TRACY - Investigator

I am Tracy and I'm an empath .I've been around the paranormal my whole life. I use to be scared if my gift. Tell I started looking into everything more. I am not scared anymore and wanna help those who are realized they aren't alone and have no reason to be scared.
NICK - Investigator

Born and raised in Mandan North Dakota I have always been interested in the paranormal. At the age of 13 I did my own little investing in my grandmas basement. When I heard VRS was looking for paranormal investigators, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more and research the paranormal.

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