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Meet the Team

TRACY - Founder/Investigator

I am Tracy and I'm an empath .I've been around the paranormal my whole life. I use to be scared if my gift. Tell I started looking into everything more. I am not scared anymore and wanna help those who are realized they aren't alone and have no reason to be scared.
NICK - Co-founder/Investigator

Born and raised in Mandan North Dakota I have always been interested in the paranormal. At the age of 13 I did my own little investing in my grandmas basement. When I heard VRS was looking for paranormal investigators, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more and research the paranormal.

Kassandra- Investigator 

I''ve always been interested in the paranormal. When I was little i lived in a house rumored to be haunted. my mom believed in it. mysterious things would happen there but only to us girls. our hair brushes and hair ties would go missing. 

Kymberlee Barr Investigator I brought into the interest through my fiance Nick. We went on our first investigation in a small town in north Dakota. ever since then I've had a interest in the spirit world. 

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